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explore cantaloop projects
explore cantaloop projects

How to succeed the establishment from his website?

Your website will be a communication tool which will allow your project to make the first contact with your audience and confirm the recommendations that your clients already make to you.
Even if it takes a little preparation, we are here to guide you and avoid it taking too much time. Here is a small guide to all the main steps necessary to create a site with us.

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Website creator and visual and graphic identity, I accompany you throughout your project to create a website Single, intuitive and clear to bring the most suitable solutions to your needs.



A custom design that must have a purpose. Choosing colors, typography, photographs... for a better readability that matches your brand image.



Your website will be optimized for better SEO and try to be best placed on Google or Bing search engines.


Responsive Web

The responsive web design allows your website to adapt to all screens (mobile, computer, tablet) whatever their size and browser type.


Management interface

If you wish, using a custom admin interface, you manage content and publications very simply yourself.

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What are your needs?

In this first step, you really want to know exactly what you expect from your website. You want new customers ? You are looking for sell your products, receiving phone calls? Where, then, do you just want to exchange your ideas with the outside world?

Although this may seem simple, it is probably the most important step because it will guide us on the whole project.

It is possible to create:

a showcase site

an e-commerce (online store)

a blog

an educational site

Another inventive project!

Then we define together:

your goal

your audience

which are your competitors

what content to propose

Develop a strong graphic identity

Now that you know your goals, your audience, a little more about your competitors, and the content you need, it's time to define your style. The design and usability of your website must be an extension of the style and vision of your company or project. It must reflect the image and appearance that reflect your company's culture and audience.

Let yourself be guided to this stage and I could suggest a new graphic charter, a new logo.

creation of a model

I'll offer you a Interactive model the site that will be visible directly from an internet browser. This step is a key step in creating your website.
It can take time, require several round trips between us, several opinions of each other.
Once validated, the actual creation of the site will begin!.

Website creation and online posting

It's up to me and you to wait a little bit! We choose your new domain name together if you don't yet have one, I'm in charge of creating it, I'm in charge of hosting the site, of its creation of course and you can view it as you go If you want, at some key steps.

And then what?


Once the site is online, it is necessary to make the best reference to the site so that it is visible on search engines and in particular on Google, which holds nearly 90% of the market.

Analysis tools and social networks

I put in place all the analysis tools of the site (Google Analytics) so that you can see who is watching it and when, which pages are most viewed, etc. And we put links to social networks of course!

Maintenance, backups and updates

As a result, we adapt the site, add content to be always active on the web.
Automatic backups will be put in place and maintenance will be offered to keep you up to date and well protected.